Season 04 Drops

“The biggest thing that we can do to preserve this sport… Is to not lose its soul…” – Kilian Jornet

On January 20th 2014 we released our latest season of Salomon Running TV. The series unfolds over the next 9 months with 8 short films revealing stories and characters from across the globe.

Production on Season 04 saw us travelling to all new locations including the Giant Redwoods of Northern California, the Scottish Highlands, The Lake District in England, The Alps, Berlin, The Rockies in Colorado and at the infamous Dungeons big wave surf spot in South Africa.

Rickey Gates and Tom Owens run up a ridge line in the Scottish Highlands. Pic by #TAA Director | DOP Dean Leslie

Characters featured in the season range from South African Ex-World Champion Surfer Shaun Tomson to 80-year old Bill Dooper (Trail running’s Ultimate Fan) to National Geographic Adventurer of the year 2014 Kilian Jornet.

Dean Leslie on location in the San Juan's of Colorado.  Pic by #TAA Producer Hannah Slezacek

Filming on location in the San Juan’s of Colorado. Pic by #TAA Producer Hannah Slezacek

The Season explores some poignant themes as its characters share their innermost worlds through the sport that they love most – running.

“I have referenced a lot of themes from the writing of Bruce Chatwin.” says director Dean Leslie. “I am interested in who we are, or maybe rather who we were; the nomadic lifestyle, migration, movement, new experience. The idea that human beings were born to wander and roam the earth, and be connected to nature, rather than settle in sedentary societies locked into technological screens”


Dean Leslie [#TAA and #SRTV Producer / Director / DOP] at BANFF Mountain Film Festival in 2014

Episode 1 releases on Feb 10th and you can follow the season here