What is to be gained from running a 400-kilometre nonstop foot race through one of the most inhospitable deserts on the planet? Is there a benefit or just simply insanity? In this short film, ultra-running journalist Bryon Powell explores the reasons that compel this small group of athletes to place themselves in the middle of the Gobi Desert tracing parts of the historical Silk Road.

“When you go out there in something like a 400km race there’s no chance not to strip away the veneer of what your personality is”

Produced by Greg Fell & Dean Leslie
Directed by Andrew King
Cinematography by Andrew King & Dave Fisher

Offline Editor: Matthew James
Online Editor: Deon van Zyl
Assistant Editor: Caroline Brouckaert
Production Assistant: Linda Steynberg

Final Audio Mix: Kalata Soundmasons

Ladybug In My Tea & Brand New Day supplied by Music Box Licensing
When We Left by Salomon Ligthelm
Additional Score: Signpost Sound

Bryan Powell
He Runyu
Jeri Chua
Betsy Kalmeyer
Dale Garland
Qu Xiangdong
Benoit Laval

Chinese Support Team
Grace Gao
Qu Xiangdong
Yuan Yuan
Gary Zhang
Xiaozhao Zhao
Jing Chen
Feng Ma
XinBing Zhao

Event Photographer
Nick Muzik

Special thanks to Canon South Africa

Title:Xuanzang’s Way
Category: Documentary
Client:Beijing Xingzhi Travel Service
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