In the late 70s, surfing was professionalised by a group of young surfers, allowing them the chance to make a career out of doing what they loved most. Today the sport of Trail Running finds itself following a similar path.

‘To the Sea’ explores the similarities between these two sports through the perspectives of Salomon Runner Ryan Sandes, Pro Surfer Frank Solomon and the first ever surfing World Champion and pioneer of professional surfing, Shaun Tomson.

Directed by Dean Leslie
Produced by Hannah Slezacek; Greg Fell & Dean Leslie
Cinematography by Dean Leslie; Dale Hunt; Deon van Zyl; Jared Paisley; Diago Domingues & Caroline Brouckaert
Edited by Matt James
Final Mix by Photographic

Post-Production Assistant: Caroline Brouckaert
Production Assistant: Linda Steynberg & Cindy Archillies

Music: “Indecisive” by SignPost Sounds

Additional Footage:
Shaun Tomson; Free Ride; Gary Capo; Dan Merkel; Bill Delaney; Opper Films; Darkwing Aerials; RootsMedia; Red Bull Media House; Powerlines Productions

Special Thanks:
Shaun Tomson
Frank Solomon
Ryan Sandes
Jason Hearn
Lotta Richter
Ira Opper
Curt Myers
Dan Mace
Sandra Heberling
Brie Pezman
Scott Hulet
Dean Engela
Ava Online
Khumbulani Tshabalala
Roberto Colombo
Kirk Presley
Sebastian Muller
Pete Koff
Russell Martin

Title:To The Sea – Salomon Running TV S04 E07
Category: Documentary Series
Red Bull
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