In 1974 Gordy Ainsleigh competed against horses in a 100 Mile trail race through the Sierra Nevada mountains… on foot. In true pioneering spirit he wanted to achieve something that others thought impossible. This single event led to the birth of one of the most famous 100 mile footraces in the world, The Western States 100. 40 years on and Ultra-Distance Trail running has become a global sport complete with professional teams and athletes, yet it has managed to maintain that original pioneering spirit. Every weekend thousands of people toe the line ready to explore their limits, in body and mind.

“The Original” recounts Gordy Ainsleigh’s original run and explores of the growth of Ultra-Distance trail running.

Directed by Dean Leslie
Produced by Greg Fell & Dean Leslie
Cinematography by Dean Leslie
Offline Edit by Lorien Bolus & Dean Leslie
Online Edit by Dean Leslie
Final Sound Mix by Simon Kohler
Stills Animation by Quinton Liddle
Assistant Editor: Lloyd Zeeman
Production Assistant: Kirsty Lotz

“The Oddity” & “Holy” by Signpost

Additional Photos & Footage:
Gordy Ainsleigh
Charlie Barieau
Greg Fell
The WSER Board
The Auburn Journal
The Auburn Library
The Prelinger Archives
The Feature Film Archives

Special Thanks to:
Gordy Ainsleigh
Craig Thornley
John Trent
Marcus Warner
Andy Jones-Wilkins
Antonio Rossman
The WSER Board
The Auburn Journal
The Auburn Library
Bryon Bowell
Mark McCambridge
JB Benna
Lotta Richter

Title:The Original – Salomon Running TV S03 E06
Category: Documentary Series
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