In our next episode, we head into “The Forest” with Anna Frost, Rickey Gates and Matt Flaherty. Filmed on location in the ancient Redwoods of Northern California, this short film pays ode to the quiet moments of solitude and appreciation that only the wild can give us. Here’s to the wild.

Works based on: The writing of Jack Kerouac & The lectures of Alan Watts
Directed by Dean Leslie
Produced by Hannah Slezacek; Greg Fell & Dean Leslie
Cinematography by Dean Leslie & Dale Hunt
Edited by Dean Leslie
Final Mix: Photographic

Assistant Editor: Jared Paisley
Post-Production Assistant: Caroline Brouckaert
Production Assistant: Linda Steynberg & Cindy Archillies

Sourced Footage: The Bancroft Library

Music: “Colosseum” by Will Bangs
Voice: Hannah Slezacek

Special Thanks:
Rickey Gates
Patricia Riley
Crystal Miles
Imogen Collins
Natalie Collins
Yvonne James

Title:The Forest – Salomon Running TV S04 E05
Category: Documentary Series
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