Salomon Running TV launched in 2011 and is an ongoing project we produce for global outdoor brand Salomon Sports. Season 4 launched in January 2015.

Since the beginning of our relationship with Salomon, the videos we have produced have become widely regarded as the forefront of trail/mountian running media and have managed to influence changes in the sport itself and its continued growth.

Series Directed by Dean Leslie & Kelvin Trautman
Produced by Greg Fell, Dean Leslie & Hannah Slezacek
Cinematography by Dean Leslie, Kelvin Trautman, Dale Hunt, Deon Van Zyl and Christian Walter
Edited by Dean Leslie
Editor Assisted by Jared Paisley

Song: “Jericho” by Signpost

Additional Footage & Stills:
Shaun Tomson

Kilian Jornet
Emelie Forsberg
Anna Frost
Rickey Gates
Ryan Sandes
Stevie Kremer
Ricky Lightfoot
Tom Owens
Dimitris Theodorakakos
Bill Dooper
Shaun Tomson
Marino Giacometti
Bruno Brunod
Fabio Merladi
Joss Naylor
Kenny Stuart
Billy Bland
Roch Horton
Rick Trujillo
Dakota Jones
Matt Flaherty
Frank Solomon

Title:Salomon Running TV S04
Category: Documentary Series
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