The term ìfellî is an often used Northern England expression for hill or mountain. It is presumed that Shepherds were probably the first ever fell runners with the earliest documented accounts of running in the fells dating back to the 11th Century. By the 19th century organised fell runs began taking place in Cumbria in the United Kingdom. Locals raced each other up and down hills and a sport was born.

In ìOf Fells and Hillsî we travel with American Writer, Photographer and Trail Runner, Rickey Gates, to the UK to explore and discover the history, culture and legends of the ancient practise of Fell Running.

Directed by Dean Leslie
Produced by Hannah Slezacek; Greg Fell & Dean Leslie
Cinematography by Dean Leslie & Kelvin Trautman
Edited by Dean Leslie & Jared Paisley
Final Mix by Kalata Soundmasons

Production Assistants: Linda Steynberg & Cindy Archillies

Music: “Finishes” by Bataleur & “I cross this land” by Final Mix Online

Rickey Gates
Neil Gates
Pete Hartley
Denise Park
Matt Ward
Britta Sendlhofer
Fraser Livesey
Howgrill Harriers
Tom Owens
Ricky Lightfoot
Joss Naylor
Kenny Stuart
Billy Bland
Kate Lodge-Brown
Peter Brown
Christine McGilly
Jane Grave
Stephen White
Carlisle Library
Lotta Richter
Brigitte Chapuis
The management and staff of Castlerigg hall caravan and camping park

Title:Of Fells and Hills – Salomon Running TV S04 E02
Category: Documentary Series
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