In early 2016, Mina Guli ran the equivalent of 40 marathons across 7 deserts on 7 continents in just 7 weeks to raise awareness for the global water scarcity crisis. A 7 part short film series was produced as part of this project, documenting the adventure and featuring water stories from around the world.

Shot on location in:
The Tabernas Desert, Spain
The Arabian Desert, Jordan
The Polar Desert, Antarctica
The Simpson Desert, Australia
The Richtersveld, South Africa
The Atacama Desert, Chile
The Mojave Desert, USA

Produced by Greg Fell & Dean Leslie
Series Directed by Andrew King
Cinematography by Jared Paisley & Kelvin Trautman,
Edited by Dave Fisher, Deon Van Zyl & Leon Visser

Music Supplied by:
The Kitchen Sync
Getty Music
Audio Network
Position Music

Title:7 Deserts Run
Category: Documentary Series
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