Kelvin Trautman

Director / DOP | SOCIAL MEDIA: @kelvin_trautman

“It’s simple, all you need is a camera and empathy.” Kelvin Trautman replies when asked what tools he needs to tell a good story. “The latter is particularly important, and it’s something I use across the board, whether it’s shooting carefully orchestrated commercial campaigns or those fleeting unguarded moments in documentary work”.

Kelvin is a photographer and filmmaker based in Cape Town, South Africa, whose work spans a myriad of adventure sport, outdoor lifestyle and travel subjects. Recognized for his creative direction, perspective-filled compositions and athletic ability with camera in hand, Kelvin has fast established a name in the outdoor industry.

He has covered assignments on all 7 continents for clients such as Red Bull, Gore-Tex and Salomon and his images have appeared in an array of publications including New York Times, National Geographic, Red Bulletin, and Outside Magazine.

“As I continue to explore the art of photography and filmmaking, the more I want to challenge perceptions and push creative boundaries. To do this I want to look beyond the stereotypical perfect moment. I want to immerse myself in the story, to learn and be humbled by my subjects, to share experiences with authenticity.”

Like his imagery, Kelvin’s sentiments reflect his passion for producing content that is different. And although he doesn’t like to admit it’s this approach that sets himself apart from his peers.

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