Hannah Slezacek

Producer | SOCIAL MEDIA: @hannahslezackova

In the past few years, Hannah Slezacek has accumulated a career’s worth of experience producing international and local commercials and feature films. She has an academic background including an Honours degree in Chemistry and a Masters in Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Investigation. She relocated from England to South Africa and this move shifted her career into film.

Hannah’s list of notable credits includes Producer’s assistant on “Spoon” (2006); Production Manager on the Interview Unit for the feature film “District 9” (2009); Producer on the acclaimed short “Pumzi” (2009) commissioned and distributed by Focus Features and The Goethe Institute; Production Manager and Visual Effects Coordinater for Bold Film’s “Heatstroke”, HBO’s “Mary and Martha” and 20th Century Fox’s “Seal Team Eight” (2012); she has since PM’d the VFX for Warner Bros’ “Sophie Grace”, Rosie’s “Royal Adventure” and Showtime’s “Homeland”.

Hannah has enjoyed a long and successful working relationship with Cape Town based Production Company Inspired Minority Pictures as a full time in-house producer, working alongside Simon Hansen and together they brought about a sustainable local independent commercial film industry.

In 2014 Hannah began her involvement with The African Attachment, producing the documentary film “Travailan” for Red Bull Media House as well as the episodes “To the Sea”, “Kroger’s Canteen”, “Of Fells and Hills” and “The Forest” for Salomon Running TV Season 04. In 2015 she will assume the role of Producer for all the episodes of Salomon Running TV Season 05 with TAA and Producer on “Apophis”, the Science Fiction film written and directed by Simon Hansen.

Hannah brings a vast amount of experience to any Production she is involved with and her thrifty, bargain hunting prowess coupled with an overwhelming resilience and patient personality is an indispensable asset on any project.

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